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windows for workgroups (WFW)

The Windows for Workgroups (WFW) operating system was designed for peer-to-peer networks with a maximum of 25 users. This means that a workgroup does not need a central server, but that each participant in the workgroup can allow all other participants access to certain resources such as files, directories, drives or printers in stages.

WFW is therefore particularly suitable for networking small teams or small workgroups in companies. WFW is a fully-fledged Windows version, i.e. it has the capabilities of the complete version 3.1 and therefore also bears its version number directly. However, it is not a substitute for Windows 3.1 in the market, but a supplement. Because of the integrated capabilities of Windows 3.1, WFW can of course coexist with other network software solutions, i.e. access to a Novell or LAN Manager server is not affected in any way.

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