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wide dynamic range (WDR)

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is a recording technique used in video technology

to increase the dynamic range of recordings with unfavorable lighting and contrast conditions. With WDR technology, scenes that have such a high contrast ratio due to shadows, backlighting, and overexposure can be blurred, making it impossible for viewers to see details. The WDR function compensates for the blurring and high contrast ratios. Corresponding contrast effects occur, for example, when people are photographed in a dark room with bright sunlight shining in. In this example, the enormous amounts of darkness mean that no details would be discernible.

Wide Range Compression (WDR), Photo:

Wide Range Compression (WDR), Photo:

The WDR technique for changing the dynamic range works similarly to the HDR technique in photographic technology with several images. The individual shots are taken with different exposure times and the optimally exposed sections of the image are selected from the different shots and combined to form an overall image. Therefore, WDR cameras are particularly suitable for use in difficult lighting conditions.

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