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Blog is derived from the term weblog, a kind of webdiary kept as a web page. Such a logbook corresponds to a journal and is provided with entries, comments and notes that are arranged chronologically: the most recent entry is at the top, followed by older entries. Appropriate blog software is available for creating and maintaining the blog. The weblog entries can be commented by all readers.

Blogs are used to speed up the flow of information, to disseminate information quickly and to exchange information and are a characteristic of Web 2.0.

The blogger, as the blog users are called, can spontaneously and easily comment on an entry, but does not specify the topic himself. The blog is permanent and is continuously updated. The environment in which it takes place is the blogosphere.

Weblog of

Weblog of

As with discussion forums, the blog has special topic areas called blog rings. Furthermore, there is an etiquette and extensive linking that contributes significantly to the formation of the blogosphere. With weblogs, links can be set to individual weblog entries, these are called permalinks, but linkbacks can also be set, so-called trackbacks, pingbacks and refbacks, which alert readers of the entries that the post is linked to another website. The creativity of bloggers in terms of blog-related terms seems almost limitless. Blogistan, Blogosphere, Blogerati, Blogger Bash, Blogathy and Blog Digest are just a few of the newly created terms.

Blogs are run by online media to increase user engagement, they cover education (Edu Blog) and entertainment, arts and politics, legal issues (Blawg), sports, science, technology (Tech Blog), literature, current affairs (Event Blog), commercial and business issues (Biz Blog), and elections.

The term weblog applies only when text entries are involved. Short blogs with text messages are called microblogs. If it is about speech or music, it is called audioblog, if the weblog presentation takes place with photos, it is called photoblogs and if it is about video, it is called vlogging or vlog. Even blogs from mobile devices have their own name: Moblog. The combination of weblog and microblogs with other forms of communication has led to Twitter.

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