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wavelength selective cross-connect (WSXC)

A Wavelength Selective Cross-Connect (WSXC) is an optical cross-connect that operates internally in wavelength division multiplexing and can switch individual wavelengths from one optical fiber to others as a wavelength switch.

For example, a Wavelength Selective Cross-Connect can switch the second wavelength from the incoming second optical fiber to the outgoing third optical fiber, or switch the fourth wavelength from the first optical fiber to the fifth outgoing optical fiber.

Such a crossconnect is used in meshed structures in buildings, but also to connect multiple WDM rings. In the optical cross-connect, there is no conversion of wavelengths in a wavelength converter; instead, the same wavelength is used in both interconnected rings. Optical cross splitter with Wavelength Converter are Wavelength Interchange Crossconnects(WIXC).

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