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Wallpaper is the background of a computer screen. In non-commercial use, it is the screen background that an Internet user can usually choose himself from various formats or his own images. In commercial use, it is a special banner format

. Wallpaper is an angled advertising space that can be larger than a top banner and a skyscraper

and can assume sizes of a super banner plus an enlarged wide skyscraper.

Wallpaper made of Top Banner and Sticky Skyscraper

Wallpaper made of Top Banner and Sticky Skyscraper

With a wallpaper, the advertiser can design the background of a specific website

in corporate colors or add other company-specific elements. Wallpapers are available in the classic, static banner format, but also as a combination of a top banner and a sticky banner in the form of a skyscraper. When scrolling the web page, the top banner remains visible at the top of the page, while the sticky banner is always visible at the right edge of the screen. No matter how far you have scrolled.

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