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Wallet is a collective term for digital payment systems. Such systems are also referred to as e-wallets, online wallets, digital wallets, cyber wallets or bitcoin wallets.

Online wallets are referred to when the wallets are always online and are more like a cloud. Examples of online payment systems include credit cards, mobile payment(m-payment), e-cash, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or CurrentC. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Bytecoin and various others are among the online payment systems stored in eWallets. Payment systems in m-payment, whose balance is registered on the smartphone, work with Bluetooth for transactions between the money terminal and the smartphone, others with Near Field Communication( NFC), and still others with the QR code. Unlike online wallets, offline wallets are only switched online during use and are more secure because they are not constantly connected to the network.

Mobile payment in particular is becoming increasingly important. Mobile wallet solutions are being driven by PayPal, Amazon, Mastercard with Paypass, Visa with Paywave, Apple with Apple Pay or Google with Google Pay.

The payment offering is essentially dependent on the provider. It usually includes online shopping and mobile payment. Payment methods offered include payments via NFC credit card, bank transfers, payment in online stores and cash withdrawals. E-wallets can be linked to the bank account.

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