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wake-up radio (WUR)

Wake-up Radio (WUR) is a concept that greatly reduces the power requirements of battery-powered WLAN devices. Wake-up radio is specified by the IEEE working group 802

.11ba. According to the Wake-Up Radio concept, the chipsets ofIoT devices should be supplied with energy from batteries or button cells throughout their entire service life. Since many Internet of Things (IoT) devices send and receive small amounts of data relatively infrequently on a daily basis, the WUR concept aims to ensure that devices are powered only when data

is being transmitted. Since data transmission to the WLAN station is random,

the WUR concept provides a separate, secondary receiver circuit that detects data reception before transmission. If the wake-up station detects that a data packet is to be transmitted for the WLAN, it activates the WLAN station, which is the primary connectivity station (PCR), which can then receive the data packets. All that is required to give advance notice of the transmission is an extremely short wake-up packet (WUP), which consists of only a single bit combination and is detected by the wake-up station.

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