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wafer chip scale package (WCSP)

The WaferChip Scale Package (WCSP) is a miniature package suitable for SMT assembly. It is used for analog

ICs, among other things, and is characterized by great design flexibility and reliability.

Package bottom of a WCSP package, photo: Casio-Micronics

Package bottom of a WCSP package, photo: Casio-Micronics

The WCSP package supports high electrical performance, a thin package profile and high placement yields, unlike other package types. The WSCP package uses an efficient interconnect technology in which the leads are formed over the entire chip surface. As a result, no bonding is required, which contributes to a significant reduction in space requirements. In addition, this technology avoids inductive and capacitive influences of the bonding lines. A further miniaturized technique is realized in the wafer-level chip-scale package (WLCSP).

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