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voltage controlled resistor (VCR)

In addition to the voltage dependent resistor, the voltage dependent resistor( VDR), there is also the voltage controlled resistor, the voltage controlled resistor ( VCR). The VCR resistor does not exist as a single component; rather, it is formed by other active components.

In the Voltage Controlled Resistor, it is the current between the drain and source of a field effect transistor( FET) that can be controlled by the gate-source voltage. The drain-source current is proportional to the drain-source resistance, but is nonlinear. This nonlinearity must be linearized by a linearity circuit. Instead of field-effect transistors, junction field-effect transistors( JFET) are also used because of their better linearity.

Depending on the circuit design, the resistance value of a VCR resistor can span several decades and have unlimited resolution. It is directly proportional to the gate-source voltage over a wider frequency range.

VCR resistors can be used in voltage controlled oscillators, voltage controlled oscillators( VCO), voltage controlled amplifiers( VCA) and phase locked loops, among others.

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