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visual basic (VB)

Visual Basic (VB) is a highly developed version of Basic that has little in common with the classic programming language Basic. Although various commands and functions can be traced back to the classic Basic, Visual Basic is an independent programming language due to the many new functions and commands adapted to Windows.

Visual Basic, a 4th generation programming language, 4GL, was developed by Microsoft for use on personal computers (PCs) with graphical user interfaces under Windows. Visual Basic can be used to create dialog-oriented programs using a mask generator and predefined libraries. The programs are not created by writing program codes, but by individual prefabricated program elements that are combined in Visual Basic to form a runnable program.

Visual Basic is event-driven, with program steps triggered by events, such as a keystroke; they are not processed line-by-line like other programs. The various versions of Visual Basic range up to the Visual Basic . Net version, which is object-oriented and includes inheritance.

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