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virtual reality modelling language (VRML)

Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) is the standardised markup language for interactive 3D graphics with animation on the WWW. It extends the possibilities of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) by instructions for the three-dimensional representation of static and dynamic objects. It thus enables the representation of three-dimensional scenarios on the WWW.

The possibilities of VRML are facilitated by comprehensive programming instructions in Java. Since the description data is available in ASCII, VRML is platform-independent. The representations can be animated, furthermore the user has the possibility of interaction. The basis of VRML is the equation of objects with nodes, which define different properties. Thus, geometric shapes and their changes, transformation of the objects, change of the display angle and illumination of the object and space, etc. can be defined.

VRML files can be viewed using a VRML viewer or a browser. The official successor of the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) is the Extensible 3D (X3D) standardized by the International Standards Organization (ISO). The extension is *.wrl.

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