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virtual private cloud (VPC)

With a virtualprivate cloud (VPC), a subarea in the multi-tenant architecture of the public cloud of a cloud service provider is used for private cloud computing.

The advantages are that companies can work with a private cloud and use the resources of the public cloud at the same time. They also have an isolated environment in which to do their own work.

There is a difference between a private cloud and a virtual private cloud in that with a private cloud, the company's IT department is the service provider that the individual business units can use. As the service provider, it is responsible for the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). It has to ensure that the data of the various customers is transferred securely, security policies are followed using encryption methods, tunneling techniques and private IP addressing. Users of virtual private clouds determine their network components with their IP addresses and directly control and manage their networks and subnets.

In Virtual Private Cloud, on the other hand, cloud services are provided by a cloud service provider. Virtual Private Clouds can also be integrated into a hybrid environment such as a Hybrid Cloud.

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