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virtual private LAN services (EPLAN) (VPLS)

Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS), also known as E-LAN, is an Ethernet service implemented by network operators in metro Ethernet networks( MEN) and nationwide IP networks and networks with Multi-Protocol Label Switching( MPLS), providing business customers with Virtual Private Networks( VPN) with multipoint connectivity at Layer 2.

The VPLS service enables enterprises to simplify the management of dispersed corporate networks. It does this by managing services on the diverse local networks as if they were on one local network. VPLS works with adaptive edge routers that are interconnected via MPLS-based path tunnels. Combining the Layer 2 paths of Ethernet and MPLS simulates circuits called pseudowires.

VPLS services emulate Ethernet over MPLS( EoMPLS) and IP networks. They form a cost-effective alternative to ATM and frame relay with some advantages in terms of faster service activation and provisioning and better scaling. In addition, VPLS is characterized by simpler network management. Users use VPLS like a multi-site Ethernet in which VPN offerings and Ethernet services are combined. VPLS was developed by the IETF, the Metro Ethernet Forum( MEF) and the IEEE 802.17 Resilient Packet Ring( RPR) working group.

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