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virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN)

Virtual Ex



(VXLAN) is an infrastructure protocol for

virtualized data centers. VXLAN technology is about allocating IP addresses

in large network links and maintaining the IP address when the location changes.Virtual

Extensible LANs (VXLAN) is a networkvirtualization technique that improves the scalability of

large network links, such as those usedin cloud computing or software-defined networking (SDN). By improving scalability, VXLAN technology can scale LAN segments

and transport virtual machines across larger network links.In VXLAN technology, which uses a similar process to that

used toencapsulateEthernet frames in VLANs, the individual LAN segments are defined with 24 bits. In addition, VXLAN provides an architecture that customers can use to extend

their cloud arrangement.

Structure of VXLAN protocol as MAC-in-UDP

Structure of VXLAN protocol as MAC-in-UDP

VXLAN is an overlay protocol, with an encapsulation of the media access method in the User Datagram Protocol, MAC-in-UDP, and a segment identification of 24 bits, resulting in a scalability of 16 million logical networks. In addition, UDP encapsulation can be used to extend each LAN segment at the network layer. VXLAN uses IP multicast to transmit broadcasts, multicasts

, and flooding frames. The VXLAN frame basically consists of the outer Ethernet header, the IP header, UDP header, VXLAN header, and the original Ethernet frame, followed by the checksum field.

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