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viral marketing

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that uses electronic media to spread an advertising message to as many addressees as possible in as short a time as possible. Viral marketing comes in different forms:

  • The viral spread of an advertising message via social networks with posting on company websites or opinion leaders.
  • The forwarding of attractive and unusual content by means of e-mails or short message service( SMS), such as jokes, pictures, films, audio recordings and free games, such as the grouse game, is incidentally considered one of the best-known and most successful examples of this category.
  • Viral spread through blogs.
  • Tell-a-Friend function of corporate websites, through which, for example, product information can be forwarded to friends.

In general, viral marketing is very cost-efficient and more successful than conventional marketing, since the advertising message comes from a well-known person and thus the probability of getting the addressee's attention increases.

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