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viewing distance (display)

The viewing distance is the distance a viewer should be from a display, TV or video wall. It depends on the screen size and screen resolution.

The relationship between screen resolution, picture height and the viewing distance is reflected in different viewing angles. For standard television( SDTV) with an image resolution of 720 x 576pixels and an aspect ratio of 4:3, the optimum viewing distance is about 5 to 6 times the screen height. The viewing angle is about 15 degrees. At higher screen resolutions, such as HDTV with higher line density, 3 times the screen height is sufficient as a viewing distance. The viewing angle increases to 30 degrees. With a screen resolution according to the 4K standard, the viewing distance is assumed to be 1.5 times the screen height and 0.75 times the screen height for the 8K standard. Accordingly, the viewing angles become larger.

For electronic billboards and LED walls, the pixel pitch is decisive for the viewing distance. The pixel pitch in millimeters can be used as the viewing distance in meters. For example, if the pixel pitch is 15 mm, then the minimum viewing distance should be 15 m.

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