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video wall

A video wall is a large electronic screen for the display of images, photos and videos. In terms of embodiments, a distinction is made between electronic billboards as used in sports stadiums and as electronic billboards, and video walls consisting of several individual displays and used for presentation purposes at trade fairs, congresses or in entertainment.

Electronic billboards video walls consist of many light-emitting diodes and form a self-contained unit several meters in size. They are also called LED walls. It is different with video walls for presentations. Such a video wall consists of several smaller displays with a small web width, which are mounted closely together with almost no space between them and together form a large video wall.

Video wall made of 3x3 single displays

Video wall made of 3x3 single displays

The size of the video wall depends on the number and size of the individual displays. Often video walls consist of 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 displays. However, there are also narrower vertical or horizontal video walls consisting of 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 or even 2x3 or 2x4 individual displays. They do not have to be symmetrical and rectangular, but can also be arranged individually.

Regardless of the size and arrangement of the individual displays, they are controlled by a special video processor. The video processor forms the central control component and scales the videos of the various video sources from camcorders, DVDs or video recorders so that they can be displayed on the entire video wall but also in the form of a window on one or more individual displays. Depending on the size and number of individual displays, several displays can be connected together to form a smaller display. In principle, a different video sequence can run on each individual display. Hardware-based control of the various displays is relatively static, whereas software-based control uses a dedicated computer with specific graphics cards and is more flexible in terms of the display options of the various displays.

The displays of a video wall can be plasma displays, LCD displays or TFT displays.

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