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video tape recorder (VTR)

Video recorders are magnetic tape recorders for recording and playback of video and audio. Video recorders are used in consumer electronics and use video cassettes for recording, which store the video and audio signals according to specific recording procedures, hence the name video cassette recorder( VCR).

Over the years, development has produced various incompatible systems for the home, such as Beta by Sony, VCR by Philips, Video 2000 by Grundig, VHS by JVC and Video-8 by Sony, of which the VHS system and Video-8 have finally prevailed. Video recorders work with magnetic tape cassettes on which the video signals are recorded in the helical-scan process, the sound and the control signals as a longitudinal track. The recordable video bandwidth of consumer devices is in the range of 5 MHz.

VHS video recorder from Philips, photo:

VHS video recorder from Philips, photo:

If a hard disk takes the place of the magnetic tape cassette, it is a Digital Video Recorder( DVR) or Personal Video Recorder( PVR), and if one is used in a network, it is called a Network Video Recorder( NVR).

In the middle of the last century, in the early years of video recording, video recorders worked with Mangnet tapes and were used only in studio equipment. They were known as VTR, magnetic tape image recording.

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