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video projector

Video projectors are peripheral devices that project video onto a large flat projection screen. These are white or silver shiny surfaces with high light reflection. The projection allows the videos to be shown much larger than with displays. Video projection is used in front of larger auditoriums in lecture and conference halls, for presentations and in home theaters.

In video projection, a wide variety of digitalprojectors project image signals onto a projection surface. Common projection technologies include DLP projectors, LED projectors, LCD projectors and LCoS projectors. Here, the video signals are converted into light signals by reflection or emission and bundled via optical lenses so that they optimally illuminate the projection surface.

The various projection techniques differ in terms of projected brightness, contrast, resolution and color saturation, and the focal length of the lens. The brightness and contrast values of modern video projectors are so intense that they can still project high-contrast and color-intensive videos even with greater room brightness.

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