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video glasses

Video glasses are electronic displays that are put on like glasses and project the video image in front of the eye. For audio playback, they have headphones or earphones. The video images can be projected directly onto the retina or onto a virtual point in front of the viewer.

Video glasses are used for both video and virtual and augmented reality representations. Since video representations and virtual reality( VR) representations develop their full quality when they are not disturbed by optical noise sources and ambient light. In these applications, the video glasses are shielded against interfering lights and are self-contained. The situation is different with augmented reality( AR). Here, a view through the video glasses is mandatory. The additional information is then faded into the display for the viewer.

Video glasses from Vuzix

Video glasses from Vuzix

Due to these different fields of application, the concepts and the quality of the display also differ. In general, video glasses can work with one of the different display and projection techniques. So with a Liquid Crystal Display( LCD), with Organic Light Emitting Diodes( OLED), Thin Film Transistors( TFT) or also with Liquid Crystal on Silicon( LCoS). The quality, resolution, brightness and contrast depend on the projection technology. Depending on the method, resolutions of Wide VGA( WVGA) in 16:9 aspect ratio with 852 pixels in the horizontal can be achieved. You can also use VRD technology, Virtual Retinal Display (VRD), and project the image directly onto the retina.

Used video glasses for viewing videos and multimedia content, in computer games, medical technology, control of war equipment and architecture to get a feel for the planned buildings, rooms and room decor. Some video glasses can be controlled by head movements using head tracking, others by voice commands. Thus, to stay with the example of the three-dimensional room display, the viewer can move around in the virtual rooms by turning his or her head.

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