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video cassette

Video cassettes are self-contained units in which the video tape is wound on two reels. The cassette is used for easier handling, protection of the magnetic tape from contact and damage. For this reason, video cassettes are equipped with a mechanical tape protection in the form of a flap, which is opened only when the video tape is inserted into the drive.

8-mm cartridge from Sony

8-mm cartridge from Sony

In accordance with the various video standards, the cassette formats also differ: in the mechanical dimensions, the locking of the tape protector, the erasure lock, etc. The drive is provided by the deck, whose drive wheels engage in the reel recess of the video cassette.

VHS and S-VHS cassettes have dimensions of 187 x 103 x 20 mm, VHS-C c assettes and Video-8 cassettes are much smaller, the latter having dimensions of 95 x 62.5 x 15 mm.

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