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Video banners are banners with streaming video and streaming audio. They come in different banner sizes. In the early years they were Rectangle with 180 x 150 pixels and Medium Rectangle with 300 x 250 pixels.

The video banner can have play, stop and restart functional elements. As soon as a video banner is displayed, it starts playing.

In-page video banner

In-page video banner

Video banners can be designed as in-page or in-stream formats. In the first case, the video runs inside an ad message, while in the case of the in-stream, the video ad is included in the video clip. Besides, there is also the Expandable Video Banner, which enlarges as soon as the cursor is moved over the banner. All video ad formats have a high attention and click-through rate.

Conceptually, video advertising is divided into in-stream video ads, which are displayed before, after or during other videos, and out-stream video ads, which are placed in editorial content. Furthermore, there are in-banner video ads that are played parallel to the content and interstitial banners as video ads. With these banners, the display of the web page is interrupted and a large video is shown. The textual web page content cannot be followed any further when the video interstitial is displayed. Only when the interstitial banner is hidden.

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