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video as a service (VaaS)

Video as a Service (VaaS) is a cloud service for web conferencing. VaaS is a cost-effective alternative to traditional video conferencing systems and supports companies in visual communication with employees and customers.

Video-as-a-Service enables customer-oriented services via which instructions for operating a machine or for simple troubleshooting can be transmitted. The advantage of VaaS is that the complete infrastructure for video conferencing is provided to the company by the VaaS service provider. In the case of Video as a Service, the software and data reside on a central server of the Cloud Service Provider (CSP). The service provider provides all the components like the cloud server, databases and storage media and takes care of the maintenance, configurations and updates. This enables the company to conduct web conferences without its own infrastructure with full service support, both from stationary workstations and in the mobile environment. This means that video conferences can also be conducted from a construction site using smartphones and tablets.

An alternative to many video conferencing services is Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC), which supports real-time communication with video telephony and web conferencing.

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