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very small aperture terminal (VSAT)

Very Small ApertureTerminal (VSAT) is the name given to a class of satellite-based communications systems and their services in which relatively small antennas are installed directly at the user's premises.

Typical users of VSAT systems are private and business customers who receive the VSAT signals via a transceiver installed between the satellite communicationsparabolic antenna and the personal computer. The connected end users are each communicated with in a point-to-point connection. The star point of the connection between two communication partners is the communication satellite.

The geostationary satellites (Copernicus, Eutelsat, Intelsat) exclusively support stationary, fixed satellite transmissions with transmission speeds between 64 kbit/s and 45 Mbit/s in three connection topologies: fixed point-to-point connections, multipoint connections that can only receive signals and interactive multipoint connections.

VSAT supports up to 500 devices per central station and a maximum of 16,000 per network. VSAT systems are used by companies and institutions with widely dispersed locations to connect communications networks and for Internet access.

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