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vehicle to pedestrian (V2P)

Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) is an approach to integrate pedestrians and other people using mobility aids such as bicycles, strollers or wheelchairs into the communication with vehicles. A wide variety of technology exists for this approach, using video technology, ultrasound, or short-range radar.

V2P systems are based on pedestrian detection( PD) and, depending on the concept, can warn both the motorist of a potential hazard via the pedestrian collision warning( PCW) system and the pedestrian via a dedicated handheld device or smartphone. This applies equally to pedestrians who are in the roadway or an intersection, or who are using the crosswalk to cross the street. The V2P concepts also include those pedestrians who are just leaving a public transportation system and can be poorly detected by the detection systems. All systems are equipped with automatic brakes and are designed to prevent and mitigate pedestrian accidents.

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