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vehicle to home (V2H)

Vehicle to Home (V2H) or Vehicle to Building (V2B) is comparable in concept to Vehicle to Grid(V2G). In both concepts, excess energy from the smart grid is stored in batteries of electric vehicles and withdrawn when needed.

The difference between the V2G and V2H concepts is that in V2H or V2B, the energy demand of one's own smart home or smart building is met, whereas in the V2G concept, the energy is fed back into the smart grid by means of regeneration. The aforementioned concepts require that the charging station can control the energy bidirectionally. Either from the photovoltaic system or the smart grid into the car battery, or in the opposite direction from the car battery into the home grid or smart grid. V2G, V2H, and V2B can also be used to reduce electricity costs by taking advantage of the lowest electricity rates.

Corresponding concepts of energy recovery are not yet supported by electric vehicles and charging stations.

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