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vector markup language (XML) (VML)

Vector Markup Language (VML) is, like Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG) or Precision Graphics Markup Language( PGML), a markup language for vector graphics on the Web. These two vector formats are based on the Extensible Markup Language(XML) and support vector-based web representations in addition to pixel graphics in JPEG, Graphics Interchange Format( GIF) or Portable Network Graphics( PNG).

The vector-oriented image data is packaged into mathematical formulas by the VML language. In contrast, the bitmap formats work pixel-oriented and store the individual pixels even in vector graphics. The VML files are therefore much smaller than the bitmap files and can therefore also be transmitted faster over the network.

VML is from Microsoft, it is part of Office 2000, can be displayed without plug-ins in the web browser. Thus, with PowerPoint 2000, graphics can be created as HTML files and accessed and edited in the VML file format. In addition, the VML files can be provided with hyperlinks. However, the graphical editing options are limited and have a loss of quality in the case of pixel graphics. Scaling is only possible using custom JavaScript routines.

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