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variable track capacity recording (VTCR)

An important aspect ofhard diskrecording methods is capacity optimization. Variable TrackCapacity Recording (VTCR), which dates back to the 1980s, optimizes the tracks by working with variable sectors

. However, since the outer tracks of a hard disk are considerably longer than the inner tracks, storage capacity is lost due to sectors of the same length. The VTCR method remedies this disadvantage by inserting more sectors on the outer tracks than on the inner ones. This increases the recording density

on the outer tracks and makes better use of the storage capacity. Themethod ensures the highest possible recording density regardless of the disk radius. The

difference in track length between the inner and outer tracks is considerable and is a factor of over 1:2. This means that the outer tracks are at least twice as long as the inner tracks.

However, since the VTCR method cannot change the sector length from track to track because the tracks are not long enough to accommodate an additional sector, the VTCR method has been extended to include Zone Bit Recording (ZBR).

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