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upper layer protocol (OSI) (ULP)

  1. The Upper Layer Protocols( ULP) are the protocols that are located in the application-oriented layers in the OSI reference model. These protocols are also referred to as Higher Layer Protocols (HLP).
    OSI reference model with the division into upper and lower layers

    OSI reference model with the division into upper and lower layers

    These are the protocols of layers 5, 6 and 7; i.e. the communication control layer, the presentation layer and the application layer. In contrast, the transport-oriented protocols are called the lower layer protocols( LLP). ULP protocols include all application protocols such as the FTP protocol, Network File System( NFS), Remote Procedure Call( RPC), Telnet and many others.
  2. In Fibre Channel, the Upper Layer Protocols are the application protocols in the top layerFC-4. In the Upper Layer Protocol (ULP), the real application is determined in the form of IP storage or as a storageareanetwork( SAN). The Fibre Channel ( FC) Upper Layer Protocols include the Small Computer System Interface( SCSI) and the IP protocol.
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