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unix to unix copy program (UUCP)

Unix to Unix Copy Program (UUCP) is a program for transferring files over serial connections. UUCP was originally developed for the Unix operating system, but is now available for all major computer platforms. UUCP, described in RFC 976, only generates the files to be transferred, the actual transfer is done by UUCICO.

There are several UUCP formats for different packet sizes (UUCP-g), for a 7-bit data format (UUCP-f), for unsecured transmission with optimal data throughput (UUCP-e) and a version with high efficiency (UUCP-z). In addition, UUCP is also available as Anonymous UUCP. This UUCP is a user function on a site where the UUCP mechanism is freely accessible.

UUCP, which can operate on all LAN and WAN connections, communicates between two UUCP systems using UUCP users. These UUCP users call UUCICO as a daemon that handles the communication. The user gives a request to UUCP through a UUCP command, which stores this request locally. If the daemon detects that there is a job, it calls UUCICO, which reads the job and establishes the communication link at the appropriate time.

UUCP knows various configuration files that determine the lines over which the units communicate, which communication devices are used, which telephone numbers must be dialed in the case of a dial-up connection, which user authorizations exist, when files are requested from which systems, and which systems are worked with using UUCP.

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