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universal networking language (UNL)

The Universal Networking Language (UNL) is designed to break down language barriers on the Internet. UNL is a computer language that enables computers to exchange information and knowledge with each other across existing language barriers. UNL is an international initiative for an artificial language

with which all languages represented in the United Nations are to be reduced to the formal UNL syntax. Universal Networking Language is an abstract language into which any language can be converted. Text

can be entered in the native language, is converted to UNL code, and can then be reconverted to another language. For example, one could input a text in German, translate the text converted to UNL code into Chinese, and output it. The linguistic and grammatical subtleties are not considered in the dual conversion, only the information content. Therefore, UNL can be used for information transmission in network and electronic information and communication services. Not as translation tools for language works.

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