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universal authentication framework (FIDO) (UAF)

The FIDO Alliance has developed the Universal Authentication Framework (UAF), a protocol for passwordless authentication for web-based services. In this procedure, the user registers himself by biometric input: by fingerprint, iris recognition, facial recognition or voice recognition.

The UAF protocol is used for universal authentication and supports all biometric methods and offers the user a corresponding choice. The prerequisite for operation is that the UAF stack is installed on the user device.

If the user is registered, he can authenticate himself and perform corresponding activities such as transactions just by entering the biometric feature into his smartphone. He does not need to enter a password and can be active in secure areas without further authentication. The UAF protocol likewise supports two-factor authentication( 2FA) with biometric input plus a PIN input and multi-factor authentication.

The UAF protocol is a license-free, vendor- and operating system-independent authentication protocol. Authentication is performed using biometric user characteristics and can be combined with personal identification numbers to increase security. Once authenticated, the user can be active in the same security area without having to repeat the same identification each time. The function is similar to a central security key card with which one can access any part of a secured building.

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