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unified storage

With a unified storage system, also known as multiprotocol storage, files and applications can be managed and run from one computer. Such a system can store data and simultaneously output enterprise applications.

The unified storage system, unlike other storage arrays, can consolidate access to file-based and block-based data and run both. It is built on a unified storage architecture and works with common file-based client- server protocols such as Server Message Block( SMB) and Network File System( NFS), as well as data block-based protocols such as Internet Small Computer System Interface over IP( iSCSI) or Fibre Channel( FC). This allows users to access consolidated storage.

Unified storage has the advantage of using a unified storage platform rather than requiring multiple storage technologies for file and data block-based storage. As a result, it has lower hardware requirements. The systems support tiering storage, compression techniques, encryption and deduplication of data.

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