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unified communications as a service (UCaaS)

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-basedIP communications service where communications and collaboration applications, such as Internet telephony and Unified Communication and Collaboration( UCC), are combined.

The many other UCaaS features include unified messaging services( UMS), message transfer, presence technologies, online meetings, web conferencing, cloud telephony, instant mess aging ( IM), voice mail, file transfer( FT), video conferencing and email. The services are highly flexible and scalable.

UCaaS is offered by providers who are increasingly adding communications platforms, Communications Platform as a Service ( CPaaS), and application programming interfaces (APIs) to their cloud platforms. Customers can use CPaaS capabilities and APIs to embed cloud-based communications capabilities into their business applications and workflows.UCaaS is offered as a cloud service and distributed over the Internet. Since all services are outsourced, companies do not need to make their own investments.

Services provided under UCaaS include corporate messaging, presence technologies, teleconferencing and web conferencing, and e-collaboration. UCaaS technology has extremely flexible scaling, it operates with the highest availability and is therefore suitable for enterprise use.

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