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ultra thin multilayer (UTM)

Ultra-thin multilayer (UTM) is the term used to describe a construction class for extremely thin printed circuit boards in microfine conductor technology that is much thinner than normal multilayer printed circuit boards. The vias

also have a much smaller diameter.

Four-layer ultra-thin multilayer printed circuit board (UTM)

Four-layer ultra-thin multilayer printed circuit board (UTM)

The decisive difference lies in the laminates for the inner layers. These are a maximum of 50 µm thin. Assuming 5 µm, 9 µm or 17 µm for the copper lamination and 110 µm for each prepreg, a four-layer UTM PCB is less than 300 µm, a six-layer less than 400 µm and an eight-layer less than 500 µm. In contrast, a standard 8-layer PCB is 1.5 mm thick. The vias of UTM PCBs have a diameter of only 150 µm.

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