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ultra low power Bluetooth (ULP)

Ultra Low Power Bluetooth( ULP) is another name for Wibree. In June 2007, the Wibree Forum merged with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group( BSIG) to further develop and standardize Wibree technology.

The Bluetooth SIG group further developed the Wibree technology under the name Ultra Low Power Bluetooth (ULP). It later became Bluetooth Low Energy( BLE). There are many interesting application areas for ULP technology. For example, in the field of wellness, health and sports, fitness trackers, smart wristbands, smartwatches or small sensors and nanosensors can be attached to the body and transmit body data to a smartphone, where it is analyzed.

In entertainment, ULP technology can be used in remote controls and in toys that then interact with other toys. The small and lightweight battery units also offer significant advantages in mobile accessories or wireless sensor networks.

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