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trust rank

Trust Rank is a term protected by Google in 2005 for an evaluation of websites

according to the link environment. The Trust Rank evaluates the quality of the website in the environment and thus assigns a more or less high trust value. In addition to the former PageRank

, the Trust Rankthus represents a further evaluation criterion

that is incorporated intosearch engine optimisation (SEO) and thus indirectly into the results pages (SERP). The evaluation by means of Trust Rank thus reflects the thematic link environment and says something about the quality of the web pages that link to the corresponding website. If the link environment is poor, the Trust Rank is low; if the links

come from thematically and qualitatively high-quality websites, the Trust Rank is good. The Trust Rank also serves to distinguish spam websites from trustworthy websites and to keep them off the results pages. Since the search engine operator Google does not provide any information about the Trust Rank, its influence on the results lists is speculative.

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