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triggered E-Mail

Triggered e-mails are e-mails that are sent to selected e-mail addresses when a certain event or occasion occurs. Corresponding e-mails are part of the service providers ' services and serve to promote sales, customer loyalty

and image cultivation. Triggered e-mails provide the e-mail recipient with individual information related to an action or events. For example, they are used in email marketing to inform customers about special discounts or changed opening hours. The areas of application for triggered emails are image cultivation, sales promotion and customer service. Image management is about individual customer care, for example by thanking customers for registering

, congratulating them on a purchase or congratulating them on specific occasions such as birthdays, company anniversaries or holidays. As far as sales promotion is concerned, this involves, for example, unscheduled promotions, special sizes and conditions or opening hours. In the case of customer service, transaction-oriented emails are sent in which the customer is given additional information about the delivery of the purchased goods or about supplementary products. Triggered emails are event-oriented and are sent automatically at a specific time. They are individualized and should address the mail recipient personally.

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