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triangle signal

Triangular signals are single or periodic harmonic signals with constant rising and falling slope. If the rising signal edge corresponds to the falling signal edge, then the duty cycle is 50%.

The period duration is composed of the rise and fall times. If the duty cycle is changed, the triangular signal becomes a sawtooth signal with rising or falling sawtooth function.

Triangular signal in time and frequency representation

Triangular signal in time and frequency representation

Triangular signals consist of the sinusoidal fundamental and even and odd sinusoidal harmonics. The amplitudes of the harmonics are in the ratio of *1/n^2`, where "n" corresponds to the harmonic. For example, the amplitude of the 3rd harmonic is `1/3^2`, i.e. 1/9 of the fundamental, that of the 5 harmonics is `1/5^2`, i.e. 1/25 of the fundamental, and so on.

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