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transportation management system (SCM) (TMS)

Transport management systems(TMS) are software packages for logistical tasks and for planning, monitoring and optimizing the transport of goods. It is about the comparison of transport rates, prices and transport times. It is also about monitoring, with which the shipment can be tracked and monitored transparently and location-based at any time.

Transportation management systems are stand-alone programs or software modules for enterprise resource planning( ERP) or supply chain management( SCM). They are used by companies that deliver goods to other companies. For example, by freight forwarders, producers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and other logistics companies. TMS systems are directly linked to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, from which they receive their orders, items and customer information. When orders are executed, they transmit transportation information such as freight numbers, costs, and locations to the ERP system, which can track supply chains at any time. The ERP systems provide order management, invoicing and inventory management, while the warehouse management systems( WMS), provide inbound and outbound logistics and give appropriate information to the TMS systems.

TMS systems can reduce costs and improve logistics efficiency. Factors that contribute to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

TMS systems can support the different inter-transportation freight forwarding modes such as rail, truck, lorry freight or other transport modes, even cross-border.

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