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transport stream (MPEG 2) (TS)

The Transport Stream(TS) is one of two data streams specified by MPEG-2 systems, the second being the Program Stream( PS). The MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG-TS or MTS) is a container format for the transmission and storage of audio, video, vidoetext and ancillary data of digital TV.

The tasks of the transport stream are error control or error correction and synchronization of the data stream, since errors can occur during transmission over the various transmission media and components.

The transport stream is created from the Packetized Elementary Stream( PES) by encapsulation. The Packetized Elementary Stream (PES), in turn, is created by packetizing the Elementary Stream( ES), which is formed by multiplexing the compressed video and audio signals. To the packetized stream, the additional information such as the Program Association Table( PAT), Program Map Table( PMT) and other additional information is added. For radio transmission, the transport stream is multiplexed and radiated according to the method. This technique is used, for example, in Digital Video Broadcasting( DVB).

Data packet of the MPEG-2 transport stream

Data packet of the MPEG-2 transport stream

The Transport Stream (TS) consists of 188- byte packets and can contain multiple programs. The payload is 184 bytes per data packet; 4 bytes comprise the header. The header begins with the 8-bit synchronization byte with the bit pattern 0100 0111, followed by three flag bits that indicate how the payload is processed. This is followed by the 13-bit Packet Identifier( PID), followed by two bits for scrambling control and another two for the adaptation field. The transport stream header is terminated by a counter, the continuity counter( CC).

The transport stream is relatively robust and is used in terrestrial and satellite transmission, among other applications. Traditional Internet television( IPTV) uses the transport stream as a transmission technology. Transport stream recommendations are defined in ISO/ ICE Recommendation 13818-1 and are the basis of DVDs.

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