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transmission system operator (TSO)

Transmission system operators (TSOs) are service companies that operate the extra-high voltage grids for the supra-regional electricity supply

and are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the transmission grids. Transmission system operators are responsible for the supraregional electricity supply. They are responsible for a secure and stable supply of electricity, which is ensured by exchanging electricity with other transmission system operators. In addition, they are obliged to ensure a power balance between fed-in and consumed energy, as well as grid stability in terms of grid frequency and grid voltage, for which a control area with control variables and deviations is prescribed. For this purpose, the TSOs' extra-high voltage networks are interconnected. They are also interconnected with the low-voltage networks of the distribution network operators (DSOs), through which the end customers are supplied. The surge network operators appear on the electricity exchanges, where they offer their electricity.

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