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transformer station

A transformer

station is a facility in an electrical supply network where the different AC voltage levels of the extra-high, high, medium and low-voltage networks are adapted to each other. Electrical supply networks are subject to a hierarchy characterised by different voltage levels. Extra high

voltagehas voltages

ofover 220 kV, high voltage has values of 60 kV and 110 kV, medium voltage

values are between 3 kV and 30 kV andlow voltage

values are below 1 kV. Transformer stations ensure the voltage adjustment of the different voltage levels. They operate as transformer stations in which power transformers and switchgear transform the alternating voltage of the supraregional extra-high voltage networks into high voltage or medium voltage. The transformed electrical power is transformed via regional transport grids and local and supra-local distribution grids and is available to end consumers after being transformed again.

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