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traffic management

Traffic management deals with control mechanisms for the optimal use of the existing traffic infrastructure. Traffic management aims to regulate the flow of traffic in such a way that environmental pollution is reduced, traffic safety is increased and road users reach their destination quickly and safely without restrictions.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, traffic management is supported and controlled by telemetry systems, sensors, video surveillance, traffic signs, traffic lights and signals, control centres as well as communication technology and traffic information

systems.As far as motor vehicles and their


are concerned, information and communication

systems areincreasingly intervening in traffic management; on the one hand with traffic information and GPS systems, and on the other hand through car-to-car


andcar-to-infrastructure communication

(C2I), which inform vehicle drivers about traffic jams, traffic accidents, black ice or road works. Traffic observers in the control centers take the necessary measures for traffic guidance and control. In current traffic management concepts, all road users - pedestrians, cyclists and scooter riders, motorcycles, motor vehicles and public transport - are fully integrated.

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