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top level aggregation (TLA)

The Top LevelAggregation (TLA) is a 13-bit long data field in the IPv6 address.

The TLA data field is used by the router for the initial identification of a data packet at the highest level, i.e. at Top Level Domain (TLD). At this level, the routing hierarchy can make distinctions related to organizations and transit services on the Internet.

IPv6 address formats, simple structure (top), unicast address (bottom)

IPv6 address formats, simple structure (top), unicast address (bottom)

Using the 13-bit TLA data field, routers can distinguish 8,192 (2exp13) top-level domains (TLD) and store them in their routing tables. The other level aggregation, Next Level Aggregation (NLA) and Site Level Aggregation (SLA), are disregarded first, which contributes to a substantial reduction in address processing.

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