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time server protocol

Time server protocols are transmission protocols of time servers with which they send time stamps to the clients. Time server protocols are time synchronization protocols for time-accurate synchronization of networks, transmission techniques and systems.

There are several time synchronization protocols that differ in terms of application. For example, the most commonly used for time synchronization in networks is the Network Time Protocol( NTP), whose time servers are hierarchically structured in several levels. The simpler version of the NTP protocol is the Simple Network Time Protocol( SNTP), which is used in smaller networks. It has a simpler structure than the NTP protocol and does without the sophisticated filters. For high-precision applications and large networks, there is the Precision Time Protocol( PTP), which is used in industrial automation, measurement technology and real-time communication in automation and automotive technology.

In addition to the time server protocols mentioned, there is also the aged Daytime Protocol and the Time Protocol.

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