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threaded Neill-Concelman (TNC)

The coaxially constructed TNC connector is a microwave connector similar in dimensions to the BNC connector. Instead of the bayonet locking, the TNC connector has a screw locking, whereby a higher RF tightness is achieved.

This RF connector is used wherever mechanical stresses prevent the use of BNC connectors. For example, in antenna systems, on LNB converters and in WLANs. TNC connectors are designed in IEC specification 169-17 for frequencies up to 11 GHz or 16 GHz, but they can also be used up to 18 GHz (IEC 196-26) with considerable attenuation. The TNC connector has an impedance of 50 ohms and can be connected to RG-58, RG-213 and RG-316 coaxial cables.

TNC connector, photo: NoCat

TNC connector, photo: NoCat

Like the SMA connectors, the TNC connector system is available in a reverse version in which the socket is equipped with the pin and the plug with the calyx. The TNC connector is specified in the MIL standards MIL-C-39012 and MIL-C-23329.

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