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thin provisioning (TP)

Thin provisioning( TP) is a demand-oriented method of memory allocation. With this method, memory capacity is only allocated when the application needs it. This assumes that the memories are not fully allocated and that unused memory areas can be moved or allocated.

Thin provisioning thus increases the utilization of storage in storage area networks(SANs) and reduces the actual storage requirements and the associated costs. With thin provisioning, the administrator or the storage system itself can allocate the required storage capacity to the server. Storage space can be flexibly allocated between different applications in such a way that each application has to work with a minimum of storage space. Allocation is not based on the amount of storage space available, but on the fill level. Missing storage space is compensated by storage capacities from a storage pool.

The situation is different with thick provisioning, where as much storage capacity as possible is allocated, more than is needed.

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