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the open group (TOG)

The Open Group is a technology-neutral consortium that emerged in 1996 from the consolidation of the two major Open System associations: the X/Open Company Ltd (X/Open) and the Open Software Foundation( OSF). The goal of the Open Group is to develop and establish open, vendor-independent standards for information technology and to certify various enterprise-critical deployment options.

Members include cloud service providers and cloud users connected through collaboration, information technology companies, software companies, national and international institutions and users.

The Open Group's subject areas include enterprise architecture and management, cloud computing, product lifecycle management, real-time and embedded systems, security, and service-oriented architecture( SOA). Among the more well-known TOG services are the certification program and best practice solutions. Thus for POSIX, UNIX and other programs and frameworks. In the area of cloud computing, the consortium is developing recommendations for improving communication between cloud service providers and cloud customers. Within the Open Group, there is the Jericho Forum, which focuses on the secure environment of clouds. The Jericho Forum has developed the Collaboration Oriented Architecture( COA) and the Collaboration Oriented Framework (COF). Jericho Forum members are cloud service providers and cloud customers.

The standards and certifications of The Open Group are used worldwide. Member companies involved in the relevant developments have access to the knowledge, resources and experience and can communicate in forums with experts from the global community.

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