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the green grid (TGG)

The Green Grid (TGG) is a non-profit association of supercomputer and chip manufacturers dedicated to the topic of Green IT. The consortium, founded by AMD, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, IBM and Sun, is made up of experts from AT companies and IT users and aims to reduce energy consumption in data centers.

The focus of The Green Grid is on reducing power consumption and increasing cooling efficiency. To this end, The Green Grid develops vendor-independent standards, measurement methods and processes for reducing data center energy requirements. The Green Grid organization has developed various metrics for energy consumption and energy utilization evaluation and has proposed several evaluation criteria: the Power Usage Effectiveness( PUE) with the Water Usage Effectiveness(WUE) and the Carbon Usage Effectiveness( CUE) as well as the Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE), from which the data center operator can quickly create an energy balance and compare the results with the energy consumption of other data centers.

The long-term goal of The Green Grid is to develop metrics for evaluating data center productivity, as well as those for evaluating the efficiency of all data center subsystems. With more efficient data centers, IT organizations can better manage increasing data volumes. This includes network and storage system requirements, as well as lower energy costs and lower total cost of ownership( TCO).

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